ABOUT Farmpothique


Seriously, they are so easy: all you need to do is:

1. Add a scoop of your fav cacao chakra blend into a liquid (water, tea, nut mylk etc.)     
2. Add a sweeter (fruit, maple, honey, etc)     
3. Blend
4. Enjoy

So easy.

The blends can be as simple as above, or as creative a your heart desires.

Our blends are all chocolate based, and can be consumed hot or cold. They are all gluten free, vegan, sugar free, and nasty chemicals and preservative free. 

What we do & what we stand for, It's simple:

We craft whole-foods into chocolate based, heart centered, smoothie and elixir super food blends.

We use the best of Mother Earth's fine plant medicine to create ready-made-&-easy-to-use superfood potions to inspire reverence, and radiant wellness in your very own kitchen; your optimal health is our priority.

We make food-crafting simple by taking the guess work out of it, ensuring that not only is each blend tasty, and healthy, but that they are super-simple-to-use.


About KORI

Hi, I’m Kori!

Plant Magic is the language I speak. The earth is my sanctuary, her sweet foods - my medicine and my teaching tools; she is my greatest personal mentor. She showed me that we can all thrive in her garden.

I am a holistic nutritionist and a self-care coach. I am also known to call myself a “kitchen-witch”, I love the alchemy of raw plants into ‘healing potions’. I love the power that food plays on our journey to radiant wellness.

Food is more than the simplicity of what we ‘put into our mouths’ -- food is a gift. Food is not a chore, it is not something to scoff at, and view as an ‘inconvenience, but rather , it is an opportunity to connect to the earth, to our human bodies, and to the community we live in. Food is a sacred practice, it is an opportunity to slow down, connect to the moment, and find the magic of gratitude.  

Food contains a divine intelligence, & has the capacity to serve our highest good, directing our bodies to wellness, energy, & self-acceptance.

Food is medicine.

In childhood, I innately understood the healing power of foods, and I was always fascinated by the mind-body connection. Our ability to heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves continues to captivate me; renders me awestruck.

It has been through my own personal journey of eating disorders, body hatred, food allergies, and addiction, mixed with the thousands of women I have worked with who have all gone through her very own food journey that I found myself in the kitchen, crafting up good-quality-plant-based foods for any woman to activate her own ‘inner-green-kitchen-witch’.

You have the power to heal your body;  Mother Earth gives you the tools.

Nourishing the body through elixir and smoothie crafting is a powerful act of self-love that holds the key to our greatest potential. Food crating (aka: food prep) should be fun, easy, & delightful in taste.

I am here to remind you of the magic that Mother Earth has so generously gifted to us. I am here to remind you that your body is designed for wellness, and finally, I am here to remind you that you hold infinite abilities to vibrate at a level of health and happiness far beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s craft potions, bow in reverence at the miracle of our human bodies, and worship the earth we walk on.