e l i x i r | c r a f t i n g ; the basics


'What is an Elixir?'

It is potentially one of the most commonly asked questions I get.

Let me tell you my definition.

An Elixir is a 'magical potion made from plant medicine which is crafted with the intention of soothing something (insert: health aliment, dis-ease, thing you wanna nourish') in the body'.

Elixirs are a versatile vehicle for getting nutrients into the body, they can be a drink, a cake, a dessert or a breakfast; they could be a skin oil or a bath bomb; they can be anything that classifies as a potion designed to nourish the body. When crafting your own elixirs you have the power to impact specific health issues, intentions or goals; perhaps you are looking to craft an elixir to balance blood sugars, reduce anxiety, relieve pain in the joints, or increase memory. Maybe you need a potion to lower cholesterol, increase bowel movements and detoxification, or aid in restful nights of sleep.

The sky is the limit.

Elixirs are done with intention, they are ways in which we can connect to our food + the earth, our bodies, and our healing paths. They do not always have to be crafted for aliments either, they can also be designed for the simple joy of food-pleasure -- who doesn't love a healthy hot (or cold) chocolate drink?

Elixirs can be simple or complex; hot or cold; liquid or solid; sweet or savoury - whatever you dream up!

I see the enthusiasm from the people to create the elixirs and potions! I see the people of the world get all jazzed about getting well and attaining radiant health, and then I see the joy and excitement begin to wither as they face grocery stores + health food shops, attempting with their full mite + inspiration to pick the 'right' foods to re-create the 'simple DIY elixirs' seen on social media. The excitement comes to a full blown death after the humans get home (bank account drained, feeling confused and overwhelmed) and they create an elixir that not only looks nothing like the pictures but tastes like crap. They become starkly aware that 'elixirs are not for them', pack the plant medicine into the cupboard, and give up. 

I get it. 

But I hate to see it. 

Food can be delightful, we just need to know a few basics.

That is why I created the Farmapothique Blends; they are easy to use, healthy, superfood cacao-based blends - all you need is a scoop of your fav blend + a liquid (water | tea | nut mylk | coconut cream | etc. ) and a sweetener (honey | maple | dates | fruit) - you add the 3 ingredients into a blender (Farmapothique Blend + Liquid (hot or cold) + Sweetener); that's it! So easy. 

Elixirs from Scratch; a few basics 

I'm going to walk you through the basics of creating a cacao-based liquid elixir (think: healthy hot chocolate).

Below you will find a few categories (LIQUID | FAT | CACAO | SWEETENER | EXTRA'S); you will pick one ingredient from each category, place it all into a blender, blend it up, pour it into a fav mug, and enjoy.

Got it? Ok, good!


tea | water | coconut water | coconut milk | nut or seed milk | coconut cream | milk | BONE BROTH


coconut butter | cacao butter | coconut oil | avocado | coconut cream | grass fed butter 


any one of the 7 farmapothique blends | cacao 


honey | maple | dates | date sugar | fruit (fresh or frozen; blueberries, banana, mango, berries, pineapple etc) | lucuma | alma 


vanilla | sea salt | nutmeg | fungi | rose-hip | mesquite | cinnamon | cloves | FLAX | ANISE | pumpkin pie spice | lavendar  | cardamom 


Some tips:

1. If you do not own a vita-mix (or a blender that is well equipped to handle hot blending) you gotta be careful. Add in about 1/2 cup of the hot liquid and turn the blender on, then open the hatch on the lid and pour the reminder of your drink into the blender (while its blending) -- this will help avoid having the hot liquid explode everywhere!

2. Go slow with ingredients - think of it like dating - you want to get to know each ingredient, learn how to craft with it in different ways, discover how it feels in your body. Elixir making is a sacred act and getting to know your ingredients is key. 

3. I like to add a dash of good quality sea salt on all elixirs. 


Your turn!

Let's see what you come up with! 

As you craft your brilliant blends, please feel free to post on social media using the hashtag #farmapothique (chances to win blends happen once/month!). 



with the deepest gratitude, 

- farmapothique -